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Conservation and development work


One of the main objectives of the La Gamba field station is to protect tropical ecosystems in the Golfo Dulce region. We also hope that our work will increase people’s understanding of nature and conservation.The station’s largest conservation project is currently the La Gamba biological corridor (COBIGA), which will connect the lowland rainforests of the Golfo Dulce region with the upland rainforests of the Fila Cal. Native trees are being re-planted and monitored in selected plots, in collaboration with the Verein Regenwald der Österreicher, Regenwald Luxemburg and the local community.The station’s model farm (finca modelo), on the grounds of the former La Gamba school, houses the tree nursery for COBIGA, an experimental garden and a composting facility. Its aim is to identify new and existing crops that will thrive in a moist lowland tropical climate. The model farm is also a venue for regular courses and workshops.

Schools project

The station has been working with the community of La Gamba and the surrounding area for many years. Our main focus is currently the La Gamba schools project, which has supported gifted students from La Gamba schools since 1998. By encouraging children to stay in education, we are helping to improve future prospects in the region. A donation of € 40 pays for a child to go to school for a month.

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