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Austrian service abroad

You can complete your Austrian service abroad at the La Gamba Field Station.

Accommodation costs: none.

Duration: for the duration of the service (13 months). There is a handover period of around 14 days at each end.

Requirements: see the Auslandsdienst website.

Activities: help with conservation and community projects, and work at the field station.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your arrangements.

Previous participants

Sebastian Wahlhütter (2008-2009)
Paul Pelzl (2009-2010)
David Witzeneder (2010-2011)
Florian Stender (2011)
Michi Kriegl (2011-2012)
Philipp Figueroa (2012-2013)
Thomas Witzeneder (2013-2014)
Liliom Neidhard (2014 - 2015)
Martin Wild (2016)
Steffen Dammeyer (2017)
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