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An introductory Field Guide to the flowering plants of the Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Park (Regenwald der Österreicher).

An introductory field guide to the flowering plants of the Golfo Dulce rain forests, Costa Rica. Corcovado National Park and Piedras Blancas National Park ("Regenwald der Österreicher"). - Stapfia 78: 1-464 (+106 color plates with c. 700 photos, format 27x21 cm) A remarkable plant book entitled “An introductory Field Guide to the flowering plants of the Golfo Dulce Rainforests, Costa Rica“ just came out, being the result of a cooperation project of Austrian, Costarican and US-American botanists. This book deals with the plant biodiversity of one of the most species abundant forest regions in the neotropics and represents a basic work about the little known rainforests in the Southeast of Costa Rica. With the book it is possible to identify all plant families and genera of the area. Over 900 selected species out of different life forms (trees, herbs, lianas, epiphytes etc.) are described, many of them are illustrated. Details about distribution, pollination biology, fruit- and seed dispersal, use etc. add instructive information of phytogeographical and ecological interest. A general section covers geology, soils and climatic patterns of the region. This part includes also descriptions of the various forest types and their characteristic species. An extensive photosection with over 700 color photos of ecosystems, flowers, fruits etc., and numerous black and white illustrations in the text facilitate the identification. In summary, this is fine work about a neotropical rainforest. It seems of considerable interest for scientists and students as well as for naturalists interested in plant biology. „The keys, the species descriptions and the very nice illustrations all add up to a high quality publication that will be used by anyone interested in working in these rain forest areas of Costa Rica. The editors are to be congratulated on putting together such a fine piece of work.....“ Sir Ghillean Prance, Science Director, Eden Project, Cornwall. The book is published in the STAPFIA series from the OÖ Landesmuseum – Biologiezentrum Linz Nr. 78 and can be ordered by: Austria: Fakultätszentrum für Biodiversität der Univ. Wien, Rennweg 14, 1030 Wien; tropenstation.botanik@univie.ac.at   All other countries: Dr. Gerhard Aubrecht email: g.aubrecht@landesmuseum-linz.ac.at or online


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