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Moths of Costa Rica's Rainforest


I’m sitting on the bus, traveling on the Panamericana from San José to southern Costa Rica. This is kilometre treinta y siete (37), near Rio Claro, Golfito. Zipping
by me, nothing but endless kilometres of palm oil plantations and I’m already looking forward to the fragrance of the garden at Research Station La Gamba and to the steaming lowland rainforest that has survived there as a chain
of large nature reserves. It is one of the most diverse regions of Central
America in terms of animals and plants. My mission there: to attract moths in the rainforest and photograph them live. I’m an enthusiastic lover of nature which never fails to inspire me and do me good. As a designer and fan of the rainforest and butterflies and moths, my idea is to capture the beauty
and variety of moths in the rainforest of La Gamba in a book to show it to others as an art project created through knowledge.

Titel:  Moths of Costa Rica’s Rainforest
Armin Dett (Herausgeber, Redaktion, Bild- und Textautor, Gestalter),
Nachtfalter im Neotropischen Tieflandregenwald,
mit Fachbeiträgen weiterer Autoren über Amphibien, Reptilien, Regenwald und Regenwaldschutz,
336 Seiten, rund 1.200 Abbildungen, 23,5 x 23,5 cm, Englisch
Verlag Benteli, erschien 10/2017 (nach der Buchmesse Frankfurt),
weltweiter Vertrieb, Erstauflage 1.500 Stck.
ISBN: 978-3-7165-1840-3
58,– EUR

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