La Gamba/Goldschmid - Grant 2021

The Tropical Field Station La Gamba in Costa Rica offers a plethora of opportunities for field work, especially in the fields of bio- and of geoscience. To increase the availability of scientific opportunities for advanced students, the Society for the promotion of the La Gamba Field Station now offers grants for the year 2021. Scientific research work in the context of Master, PhD, and Postdoc studies (up to 7 years after PhD completion) is supported.
The grant program is also open to international applicants who don’t work at Austrian universities. Every grant awarded amounts to 2.000 Euros per person, a higher amount may be granted if a well-founded cost projection is presented, and it is impossible to execute the project with 2.000 Euros.

The next application deadline for the La Gamba-Grant 2021 is October 30th, 2021- apply now!  

Documents required for application

  • Plausible description of the research undertakings (max. 4 pages A4; research questions; working hypotheses; methods; time schedule; budget plan; bibliography) in English.
  • CV, list of publications if applicable
  • For Master- and PhD projects: Confirmation of acceptance by the director of study programs or a responsible party from the university. 
  • Letter of recommendation (informal) by the scientific advisor.

    Please send your applications as a file (pdf) to

Awarding of grants

The board of the Society for the promotion of the La Gamba Field Station decides on the awarding of grants based upon the recommendation of its scientific board and competition criteria. The quality of research and the originality of a proposal are decisive criteria and must be connected with a stay at the Tropical Field Station La Gamba. If necessary, advisory opinions of qualified expert researchers will be engaged for the evaluation of an exposé.

Retroactive field work in Costa Rica, that has already been completed at the point of application, as well as evaluations of data collected in Costa Rica will not be supported. Research conducted within the scope of Bachelor studies is also excluded.  If several people apply for a grant whose research is closely related, then it is required to explicitly declare this in the application.  

The applicants will be notified about the results of the selection process in writing immediately after a decision has been made. In the case that you have been selected for a grant you will receive a declaration of acceptance. The completed form must then be submitted to the society.
The formal fulfillment of all application requirements does not imply a legal right to financial support. The awarding of grants is based on competition and available resources. The legal recourse is excluded.

The grant is issued after receival of the declaration of acceptance.

A short report of activities (approx. 2 pages) must be sent to the Society for the promotion of the Tropical Field Station La Gamba no later than two months after the end of your stay at the Tropical Field Station. Grant recipients are furthermore obliged to send a digital copy (in pdf format) of their master thesis or doctoral thesis to the society. In the case that a scientific publication arises from the sponsored research at the Tropical Field Station La Gamba, then the scholarship must be mentioned in the acknowledgements and a copy (preferably in digital form) forwarded to the society.  

Notice La Gamba-Grant 2021


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